You pay for your
dog's care and then submit
your receipts to us.
No Harsh Tech
Reimburse up to 80%
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*We DO NOT reimburse for routine exams, wellness checks, dewormers, vaccinations, or wellness testing

Re Pet Puppy Replacement Plans

We all love our newest furry little family members. None of us ever want anything bad to happen to our little boy/girl. However, accidents do happen, so we offer a replacement plan for their initial purchase expense. If you have purchased a dog from a breeder or a rescue, then we will offer you a plan that will help cover replacement costs up to the value of the plan you select. We must be able to verify the breeder or rescue, price paid, and have an identifier like a microchip that can be confirmed for our records. We require a microchip registration with us for each puppy. In this way we can confirm the breeder or rescue, transport company, and then have a veterinarian certify the information as correct.

We strongly recommend uploading pictures to your puppy’s profile. In the case of a lost/found pup we will be able to quickly share this information through social media and with vets that are local to you.

Documentation will be required to verify the passing of any puppy. We require a police report, statement from a veterinarian, or breeder statement to process any claim. We will issue a payment check directly to a verified breeder or rescue for the purpose of replacing the puppy that has passed. We will pay up to the full amount listed on your pet assurance plan. We will process any claim within 10 business days. We will reject any claim that does not have verifiable evidence attached. Fake claims or documents will result in no payout and complete rejection and cancellation of the agreement.

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