The latest in Traceability
For your Dog's Location
and Medical Records
Imagine the security of having your dog's Microchip Registration, Location Notification, and Digital Medical Records all wrapped up in one Digital ID.

Now, Stop Imagining, and Start Experiencing!

As a proud parent of an adventurous canine, This patent pending ID Tag that's based on QR Code Technology provides tremendous peace of mind and makes record keeping easier.

Create an ID for your Dog today, Buy the Registration, and get their ID Tag!

Step 1

Click Get Started, and follow the prompts to enter their info that creates your Dog's ID.

Step 2

Choose your payment plan, and order their personalized ID Tag for their Collar.

Step 3

Enjoy Peace of Mind while you and your companion are out exploring!

If your dog get's loose, anyone with a smart phone can scan this QR Code to see if there's contact information attached. You will then be notified of their coordinates so you can once again be reunited.

* This innovative ID Tag is Patent Pending.

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